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Hello from Kamila

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Hi, I am Kamila Wodka. For the last six years, I have been working on international projects (mainly Erasmus Plus projects), and for the last two years also in the EEA and Norway Grants - StayOn project ( on behalf of the Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre not for profit.

As PFA, we provide advisory services for Polish agri-businesses and individual farmers in order to help to establish their agri-businesses successfully from the start. We foster rural development and rural business start-up, provide networking opportunities, and promote entrepreneurship in rural areas; we organize study trips both in Poland and outside of the EU.

We cooperate with local, national, and European organizations. We are involved in projects relevant to agriculture, the agri-food sector, and fostering youth participation in rural areas. Many of our projects are related to soft skills and non-formal Education.

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