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Hello from Ana Silva // CRESAÇOR (Portugal)

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Hello Everyone

I'm Ana Silva and I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Azores.

I represent CRESAÇOR, a Regional Cooperative of Solidarity Economy, CRL founded in 2000, and although it has its headquarters on the island of São Miguel, and its areas of intervention cover the entire territory of the Azores Region. CRESAÇOR was born in the scope of the Project of Fight Against Poverty and for the creation of a program for the development of social and professional insertion enterprises in the Azores.
CRESAÇOR aims to promote co-operativism and networking among all the organisations that are its co-operators and its strategy is based on economic democracy, social justice and the valorisation of people. For the operationalization of its action it is structured in four major areas, namely Social and Territorial Cohesion, the CORES Agency - Regional Cooperation of Solidarity Economy focused on Food Quality and Safety, the Inclusive, Cultural and Social Tourism Agency, and Inclusion through Culture.

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